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A gentle self love reminder.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

2022 has many of us thinking about life, time, and our goals. Since it is a New Year gives many a chance to hit the reset button. So here’s to a positive reset.

✨Everyday you decide your fate ~ You get to choose how you will accept, process, and allow information and people to manifest inside the inner depths of your well-being.

You were not meant to be unhappy or miserable. Your energy and time is limited so what you do with it is solely up to you. You should not second guess your strength or powers (believe me you got ‘em). If you start to question your abilities you have allowed someone else to dictate who you are and this is true because only YOU know your superpowers!

✨Let shit go! ~ Bow out Gracefully. Too much time goes into trying to stay connected to people, things, spaces, and negative thoughts that DO NOT serve you. When someone hurts us we feel it’s necessary to set them straight, when we hate being somewhere we allow it to alter our mood. When someone attacks us we feel it’s necessary to defend or make them see us as we are.

Understanding there are times when you have to fight like hell, or like your life depends on it, but should be practiced only when it means life or death (literally). We dedicate our energy into making people who will never understand, or asking them to listen…begging to be heard.

Sometimes doing NOTHING is being heard, walking away is being heard, rising in your own peace is being heard, dismissing damaging people is being heard and accepting the current situation as closure! I say all this to say know when to

BOW OUT GRACEFULLY Preserve your spirit, protect your shit, spend time growing your vibration versus transferring to those who don’t know what to do with your energy or spaces. Don’t allow anything or anyone to sift slowly away from your good mental capacity.

It’s always been your time to #win and here is your reminder that you deserve to win! Accept your gifts and treat them with care and kindness.

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