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Are you feeling uninspired during the Pandemic??

It's hard to believe it has been almost a year since most of us experienced a major change in our lives...the Covid-19 Global Pandemic! Sometimes its still hard for me to wrap my head around it!

Some of us have suffered loss, not just of love ones, but business, money, regular routine, hell just normalcy, whatever that is for you. Have you felt moments of hopelessness? Fear? Uncertainty? Well, I must admit like many of you I myself have lost and felt all that was mentioned. So the question is how have you dealt with it? Honestly, I am still trying to figure that part out, but I had to do what I always encourage others to do and reflect!

Reflect on what was lost, what can be found, and how to feel better when you don't. I am a person who rarely likes to depend on others, or should I say complain to others, so what I usually do is just stop. I stop everything, talking, doing, and reacting. Some may say it's called #depression, and maybe there is some truth to that, but I like to look at it more positively and say taking a pause. So...what do you do? The easy answer is to go talk, go do and react, right? Well, not necessarily, if you find that you are in a state of just feeling nothing than yes seek help, talk to someone, professionally even. But if you still feel you have a hold of yourself but just feeling #uninspired, it may be time to recall what made you feel #inspired in the past, recount why you started.

Someone asked me what do I do for self care. I honestly did not have a good answer, because my life has not been setup to take care of myself. I have been hard at work taking care of my kids, my business, and my home, so where is there time for little ole me? That's the problem in of itself, I had a swift realization that I need to practice more self care. For me one of the things that I so miss since the pandemic began are massages, and sure we can get them now, but is it really the same? So, I set down and thought about what consumes my days and time. One of those things is #socialmedia, especially when you are growing a new business during a #pandemic. You find yourself spending tons of time creating great content for social media. So 1st thing I did was hired a social media manager. This allows me to steal some of my time back from things that really don't make me feel satisfied. Second, I took 2 weeks from social media, this allowed me not to be consumed by other peoples, problems, complaints, and negativity. The last thing, I have decided to do is recreate who I want to be on social media. What that means is unfollowing anyone that is not on the same "vibe" as me. I also plan to follow more like minded people and businesses. Funny thing I noticed is that a lot of my uninspired moments is because of social media. I plan to continue to limit my time investing my energy in other peoples problems and complaints and focus on the positive energy that is needed to feel inspired. Yeah this isn't so hard you may say but a lot of our time is utilized by social media, we can't at times get away from it. We visit social media pages even for news so how do we escape it. Well I don't think you can but how much you definitely you have control over. So my suggestion is figuring out the things you truly enjoy and do them. So pick up that book, binge watch a show on #Netflix or just do nothing at all when you find yourself doing too much!

You know what inspires you more than anyone else and you just have to remember what inspired you in the #beginning.

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