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New Look

Hello All, as you can see our website has a new what do you think? I began to think about some things I could be doing while being quarantined, and creating a new more user friendly site was at the top of the list. I have curated some new material to share with you, come up with new ideas to grow the business and taken some time to rest. I hope you are finding some creative and productive time in all this craziness. I hope you have began to explore your business fears, goals, and opportunities. What do you think you will do when we begin to return to normalcy? I am not sure how to navigate that just yet but I am working on it and I will assure you that I will share whatever I come up with. Detroit, we will survive this and I have a feeling that our businesses will grow 10x what we originally expected at the beginning of 2020. Stay focused and positive. Sign up for Seat Squad's virtual community to get all the info, workshops, quizzes and giveaways...don't miss this. Last, Seat Detroit are looking for Brand Ambassadors, to promote our business goals and we will in turn support you with memberships and other business incentives. So please help grow our business and we will help grow yours. Take care friend!!


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Derek Washington
Derek Washington
Feb 28, 2022

A new look is always rewarding. I try to think of a new look for not just inwardly but outwardly.

As I see all of the positive comments on this page I feel compelled to associate myself with each and everyone of you and push you to look outwardly to everyone's potential. And remember a closed mouth does not get feed.

DC Washington

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