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Seat Detroit is a culture of networking, innovation and fun. A space for entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers to create their own seat at the table.  We are the original coworking space in the Historical Eastern Market, and we want to keep you original in your business growth, so come have a seat and grow with us!


Our Seats

Our Coworking Space offers a flexible variety of options, all geared towards you and your professional needs. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, a team leader or a freelancer - we’re the working space for you! At Seat Detroit you’ll find the best facilities and the most supportive environment for creativity and growth. Have a look at our options below and get in touch today!


Private Office Seat

Full Access

Our Private Office Spaces are great options if you’re looking for consistency and quality with a workspace. Our Coworking Space provides secure access so you can rest assured that you have a safe and comfortable environment to be productive. Enjoy the vibe of a traditional office with the benefits of all our amenities and social events.

Coworking Seat

Focused & Modern

At Seat Detroit, our custom workspace options can be adapted to all your professional needs. This is a great option for freelancers and startups with flexible schedules that are looking for an affordable space to work in. Not to mention our Coworking Seats come with high-speed internet, printing services and more.

Coworking seat w/storage

Full Opportunity

This seating option gives you a dedicated workspace with storage for your pesonal items that belongs to only you.

Virtual Seat


Our Virtual Seat allows you a business address and phone number, additionally, package and mail services included, plus to sweeten the deal you get 1 drop in per month.

Stack of Envelopes

Social Seat Membership

Tons of Fun

Membership at Social Seat gives full access to all events, ranging from a now and again jam session to a business seminar.  This annual membership is one you don't want to miss!

Our Amenities & Facilities

Benefits for All


Office Supplies

Only the Best

Printing paper and full access to printer, copier, and scanning. Limited office supplies also available onsite.

High-Speed Internet

Outstanding Quality

Log in and get working.  High-speed internet included to complete whatever tasks at hand.

Coffee, Snacks, tea, and of course water

We all need coffee, right?

Included in all seating is access to coffee, tea and healthy snacks to get you through the day.

24/7 Building Access

Truly Top-Notch

The best biometric security system and cameras to ensure your safety at all times.

Meeting Seats

Right on Time

Entrepreneurship is in the air at Seat Detroit, and our Meeting Seats make the perfect places for this vibe to rub off on you. As with all of our workspaces, this option comes with our full range of benefits and facility amenities. Join our energetic and vibrant community and find a home for you and your business.

Software Licensing - coming very soon

The Best of the Best

Seat Detroit offers software licenses to get the job done.  COMING SOON!

Miscellaneous Items

Almost forgot to mention

At Seat Detroit, we want to ensure all your needs are cared for that is why we offer front desk reception, on site Notary, bike rack, secured PARKING, PARKING AND MORE PARKING, and you can even bring your pet doggy, and if you don't see it, just ask, we will do our best to assist.  We also offer "Cowork Connect" where you can also access Cahoots Coworking in Ann Arbor, MI if you are on that end of the earth at no additional costs.

Join us today and start enjoying all the benefits available to you at Seat Detroit.

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