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Covid 19 ruining your Holiday Season?

I have heard so many say over and over again 2020 has been bad, while that may be true, what stands out to me more than that is how quickly this slow moving year has passed us by. It is now the official Holiday Season 2020, and most of us are bewildered about how to conduct ourselves this year during this time! I have heard that some will be preparing food for family and packing it up in to-go boxes and doing drive-by pickup. I have heard others say that they are having their family functions regardless of Rona, and others like me say I am going to stay home and enjoy the downtime with my kids. My hope for you as we near the close of the year is that we find some positive. Many of you started businesses, some of you got to take some time off, time that you thought would never be available, and others got to spend time with your children. I am proud of how so many of us stepped up, assisted others and found empathy for many. However, you decide to spend your holiday season, do it SAFELY. I cannot stress enough how important us taking care of one another at this time is critical and needed. I hope you are able to find some joy despite how our world has changed. One thing for sure... there is still some good left. In you and your hearts.

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